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Green Valley Recreation (GVR)

- Quick Video Tour of Green Valley Recreation

- GVR Summary Information

- GVR Fees

- GVR Courses

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- GVR Senior Games


About GVR - Green Valley Recreation Tour Video

GVR - Green Valley Recreation Area Information

Green Valley may well be the ultimate destination for active adults to thrive. The community is almost entirely targeted to those 55 and older and includes unparalleled recreation opportunities: 13 busy recreation centers, seven golf courses and miles of hiking and biking to name a few.

Facing the majestic Santa Rita Mountains 20 miles south of Tucson, Green Valley offers many housing options, from townhomes and condos to single-family homes, both new and existing homes that have been developed by many local, national, and semi-custom home-builders.

Green Valley attracts homebuyers from all over North America, Europe and Asia, drawn by its peaceful atmosphere, abundant recreational opportunities and an average 300 days of sunshine.

Perhaps the biggest attraction is Green Valley Recreation Inc.  The recreation provider has more than 13,000 households as members. GVR completely redefines the term ‘Retirement Community’ by offering so much to do that its activity brochure reads like a college course catalog. Sure, there are the social clubs and card clubs, but athletes also line up for pickleball, tennis, swimming, biking and hiking. Members also sign up for woodworking, lapidary, dance, aerobics, yoga and other activities. While most retirement communities are limited to one clubhouse - GVR’s 13 clubhouses and fitness centers are open to all members, as are all the specialty shops and pools.

Though home buyers come from all over, they have formed a unique sense of community, bonding together through the world-class facilities and clubs maintained by Green Valley Recreation, Inc., by diverse social and entertainment opportunities, and in volunteering their talents and energy with numerous service, civic and charitable organizations. And while there is the Alaska Club, the Green Bay Packers Club and other organizations focused on hometowns and teams. Residents can also serve on the boards of Home Owners Associations for one of the 100 plus different communities in Green Valley.

Green Valley is within easy reach of Tucson’s shopping to the north and the artists’ enclave of Tubac to the south, both along Interstate 19. To the east is Madera Canyon within the Coronado National Forest, which attracts bird-watchers from around the world, as well local hikers and campers.  Just to the north beyond a shopping area, is Sahuarita, an all-ages community. Sahuarita has a small lake that is stocked monthly by Arizona Fish and Game and offers miles of trails, tree lined streets and the continuation of the historical De Anza Trail.

2020 GVR Costs

New Member Capital Fee - $2,616

Yearly Fee - $493

Transfer Fee - $350

GVR Sample Course Catalog

GVR Course Catalog (PDF)

GVR Course Catalog

GVR Performing Arts Catalog

GVR Performing Arts Catalog (PDF)

GVR Performing Arts Catalog


GVR Facilities Map (PDF)

GVR Locations

Annual Senior Games

For 35 years the Annual Senior Games has been host to over 30 events and activities all aimed towards active adults.  Events include but are not limited to swimming, biking, run/walk, pickleball, basketball, golf, chess, billiards, shuffleboard, water and sand volleyball, raquetball and so much more!  The Senior Games is open to all those over the age of 50 years old. 

Senior Games Catalog (PDF)

Green Valley Arizona Senior Games


Is GVR an HOA (Home Owners Association)?

No. GVR (Green Valley Recreation) is a private recreation provider for the majority of Green Valley Arizona.  The GVR fees are sole and separate from any HOA fees.

So with an average monthly HOA fee in Green Valley of $40 per month and the GVR fee (divided by twelve months) the average combined monthly fees are approximately $80 per month.

Is GVR included in HOA fees:

No. Please see the answer above for an explanation and break down of fees.

Is Golf Included?

One of the many ways that GVR keeps costs down is by not including a golf membership for every member.  There is still ample local golf available via Green Valley's 7 golf courses and 43 golf courses in the region.  To learn more about Golf in the Green Valley area please visit our Green Valley Golf Course Information page.

Golf Courses in Green Valley and Surrounding Area

There are eight golf courses in Green Valley and the surrounding communities. There are two private clubs offering memberships, Desert Hills Golf Club and Country Club of Green Valley.  Memberships are also available at Torres Blancas, Canoa Ranch, and San Ignacio public courses.  Seasonal memberships are offered at some of the courses as indicated below. To find out more about the individual courses, click on the links below. 

In nearby Tucson, there are 36 courses, several of which are award-winning courses, and in 2020 the Cologuard Classic was held at the Omni International course in Tucson.

Golf Course Directory:

Haven Golf Course  – (520) 625-4281

110 North Abrego Drive, Green Valley, AZ 85614

Haven is a Public golf course

Tortuga Golf Course - (520) 625-4281

110 North Abrego Drive, Green Valley, AZ 85614

Green Valley's only nine-hole Par 3 golf course

Tortuga is a Public golf course - no tee reservation necessary

Torres Blancas – (520) 625-5200

3233 South Abrego Drive, Green Valley, AZ 85614

Torres Blancas is a Public golf course offering annual and seasonal memberships

Canoa Ranch Golf Club – (520) 393-1966

5800 S. Camino del Sol, Green Valley AZ 85622

Canoa Ranch is a Public golf course offering annual and seasonal memberships


San Ignacio Golf Club - 520-822-8313

4201 S. Camino del Sol, Green Valley AZ

San Ignacio is a Public golf course offering annual and seasonal memberships

Quail Creek  - (520) 393-5802

1490 N Quail Range Loop, Bldg #2, Green Valley, AZ 85614

Quail Creek Golf Club is a semi-private golf course

They currently offer 27 holes of golf.

Desert Hills – (520) 648-1668

2500 S. Circulo De Las Lomas, Green Valley, AZ 85622

Desert Hills Golf Club is a Private golf course offering limited memberships

Country Club of Green Valley– (520) 625-8831

77 E Paseo De Golf, Green Valley, AZ 85614

Country Club of Green Valley is a Private golf course offering annual and seasonal memberships


Tubac Golf Resort - 520-398-2021

One Otero Road, Tubac, AZ 85646

Tubac Golf Resort is a Public golf course


Green Valley, AZ Weather


Green Valley & Tubac Hotels

So you've decided to come check out the area.  Good Call!  You can search for available hotels and the best prices for Hotels in Green Valley, Tubac, Tucson or just about anywhere. Below the search is a list of Hotels and phone numbers in Green Valley.

Best Western Hotel

(520) 625-2250

Vagabond Inn Executive

(520) 625-0900

Comfort Inn

(520) 399-3736

Wyndham Resort Hotel



Green Valley & Sahuarita RV And Storage

The companies below offer RV and storage in the Green Valley and Sahuarita area.

Green Valley Covered RV and Self Storage

(520) 829-3867 - 1730 W Duval Commerce Court Green Valley, AZ 85614

Titan Self Storage

(520) 226-4654 - 1640 W Duval Commerce Point Place Green Valley, AZ 85614

Arizona Self Storage

(520) 979-3253 - 18240 S La Canada Drive Sahuarita, AZ 85629

Continental Self Storage

(520) 216-4729 - 520 White House Canyon Road Green Valley, AZ 85614

Sahuarita Auto RV Storage

(520) 954-4422

Abrego Self Storage (& RV Storage)

(520) 625-5211 


RV Parks And Resorts

Below is a list of all the RV Parks and RV Resorts in the area.

Green Valley:




Madera Canyon

Madera Canyon Video

On a recent trip to Madera Canyon, I decided to do a high-speed recording of the trip.  I get asked fairly often how far it is to Madera Canyon and the Coronado National Forest.  The two-minute video below is actually just over 15 minutes in real-time.  The trip starts from the Continental Shopping Mall at the I 19 and ends at the top of Madera Canyon.


The Truth about "Green Valley Water Issues"

There is some misleading information on the internet that has been used as a pivot issue by anti-mine groups, unfortunately.  On the back of an outdated and factually inaccurate report, circulated over 10 years ago. The water supply in Green Valley nonetheless continues to be a hot topic.

We hope to address your Green Valley water concerns with the following facts:  

1) The information that is cited as the source of these claims states that water will become "critical in the next ten years".  It is now more than ten years since that claim was made and nothing could be further from the truth.  According to the local water companies:

A)  They currently reach bedrock (the bottom) at 1,000 feet. They reach water at 200 feet (the top). This gives our water table a depth of 800 feet. The length of this water table extends from beyond the southernmost part of Green Valley and north past the northern border of Green Valley.

The water table has been declining at a rate of 2 - 4 feet per year. So this rate of decline would give us 200 - 400 years of water supply IF no corrective action were ever taken.

B) The CAP project supplements our water table (corrective action).  We now have two 36” pipelines connecting us to our allocation of supplemental water.  This will bring our water table’s net rate of decline to zero feet per year.  In other words, the approximately 800 feet of water we have will neither decline nor go up. None of this was considered or accounted for in the report from nearly 10 years ago.

As always, I encourage you to do your own due diligence and confirm this information if it is of concern to you. Community Water Company serves the majority of Green Valley and they can be reached at (520) 625-8409.  The manager of Community Water is Arturo Galbaldon.

2) You can download and view the official Project Renews update regarding the CAP project (One of the two 36” pipelines) here:

In addition to this document you can also find information about Green Valley CAP on the Green Valley Community Water website here:

3) The state of Arizona also requires confirmation of 100-year water supply (after considering future growth) before a new development can be started. This is not something that is simple or easy to get.  It requires the State of Arizona to verify and confirm all of the items listed in the yellow table on the web page linked below:

So in essence, the fact that we have new homes being built with new communities in the works - is proof by itself that we have a sustainable water supply of at least 100 years. According to the State of Arizona.

4) One of the largest users of water in our area is the Pecan Farm. They use approximately half of all water pulled from our water table.  This is because their water usage for their 7,000 acres of trees is grandfathered.  The Pecan Groves are being re-developed for other usages such as residential and commercial space. This project is called Sahuarita Farms and the Specific Plan for this has recently been approved by the Town of Sahuarita.  

So this will all but remove the largest user of water from our water table over the next 35-50 years.  You can see the details of the Sahuarita Farms project here:

5) Lastly, there are several areas of the country that actually do have to rely 100% on imported water. One of these areas is in Orange County California where Hundreds of Thousands of users receive water that has been recycled and/or reclaimed. Property values and housing demands there have of course continued to increase rapidly nonetheless.

Hopefully, this helps to provide a more factual and level headed perspective.  If you have any further questions we are always happy to help.

Patrick & Louise


Labor and Helpers for Moving in Green Valley, AZ

You can directly schedule and see reviews for Moving Helpers and Moving Labor in Green Valley here: 

Additionally, below is a list of Moving Helpers and Labor that are believed to serve the Green Valley area.  This information is provided as a courtesy.  

Sunrise Saguaro - 844-724-8276

Team Hustle Moving, LLC. - 520-869-1112

EZ Moving - 520-808-0347

D.S. Movers - 520-904-8089

As always, you should do your own research to determine whether pricing is fair and reasonable and their dependability and service are reliable.  


Green Valley Estate Sales and Consignment Companies

Estate Sales:

Consignment Stores:

Average Utility Costs for a Home in Green Valley 

One of the most common questions we get is, "what are the average utility costs for a home in Green Valley?".  Below is a breakdown of the average costs for utilities in Green Valley Arizona.

Below is a list of the average cost for utilities. Costs will, of course, vary for a number of reasons including but not limited to; the size of the home, amount of people in the home, the age and efficiency of the home, the utility provider, appliances (Gas vs Electric), your usage habits, etc.  Please scroll down to see a number of other factors that can affect your utility costs.

$35 - $160 (winter vs summer)

$16.50 per month (based on 2 occupants average consumption according to Green Valley Water)

$35 per month average

$15 - $25 month

$10 - $45 (summer vs winter)

Starting at $40 month

Starting at $40 month

* For more accurate estimates - please contact the utility companies for the home you are interested in.  

Below is a list of some of the many variables that can affect your actual utility pricing:

Your usage habits, amount of occupants, size of homes, NG BBQ vs Propane, All-Electric House, Age of the Home, Windows (Low E, Double Low E, No Low E, Aluminum, Vinyl, Dual Pane, Triple Pane, frames, etc.), Bulbs (incandescent, CFL, LED), Skylights, Recirculation pump, type of insulation (blown-in/Batt vs Spray Foam), Roof type, Block wall vs Frame and Stucco, Heat Pump vs Gas Furnace, Thermostat and Type, Last HVAC tune-up/cleaning, Outside shading, orientation of the house in relationship to windows, pool, solar electric, solar water heating, solar shades, and more.


2010 Census - Green Valley, AZ

Green Valley, AZ was started in 1964 as an age-restricted area. Green Valley has essentially grown into an age-restricted city with approximately 115 different Age Restricted communities (or HOAs).

Interesting facts from the 2010 Census:

  • In the entire city of 21,391 residents only 2.4%, or 513, of those residents were under the age of 18. 
    • To put this in perspective, the town of Sahuarita (the next closest non-age restricted city), had 8,795 kids or 30% of its population under the age of 18.
  • 75.2% of the population of Green Valley was over the age of 65. This comes out to 16,086 people over the age of 65.
  • Over 5,000 of Green Valley's residents are Veterans.  Thank you for your service!
  • Owner Occupied rate is 80.2%.

You can find the 2010 census for Green Valley here: 

You can find the 2010 census for Sahuarita here:


Best Places to Live?  Green Valley and Sahuarita Arizona of course!

It's no secret that Green Valley and Sahuarita are amongst the top and best places to live in Arizona and even the United States. 

In fact, Forbes magazine ranks Green Valley one of the top 25 places in the US to retire.  Money Magazine ranked Sahuarita one of the top 35 places in the US to live.  Movoto rates Sahuarita as the #1 on their list of Tucson's best suburbs.

Here's a look at what they had to say:

Forbes Best Place to Retire in Arizona!

USA Today - Ten Best Suburbs for Golden Years

CNBC 2018 - Top Ten 

Where to Retire Magazine

Forbes Top 25 Places to Retire

Money Magazine - Best Places to Live

Movoto - 11 Best Suburbs to Live In 

Green Valley and Sahuarita also rank amongst the safest cities in Arizona with numerous recognitions:

2018 Green Valley Crime Stats

Home Snacks - Safest Cities in Arizona

Arizona Daily Star - Safest City in Arizona

SafeWise - Arizona's 20 Safest Cities

Niche - Safest Places to Live in Arizona

Movoto - 10 Safest Places to Live in Arizona

ValuePenguin - Safest Places in Arizona

Town of Sahuarita - One of the 50 Best Places to Live


Rural Metro Fire and EMT Service in Sahuarita 

Rural Metro is a privately owned company that provides fire and EMT services to many areas of Sahuarita (and other locations outside of the area).  

Rural Metro Discounts!

If you are a new subscriber save up to 25% off of your initial year simply by calling Tim Torres at Rural Metro Fire and asking how you can receive these discounts. Tim can be reached directly by phone at (520) 265-7262 or by email at Please note that if you simply call the 'regular' phone number for Rural Metro you will not receive this discount.

Additional discounts are available beyond year one.  Please be sure to ask Tim about any available discounts.

Interesting Facts about Fire Coverage by Subscription

- Rural Metro charges $1.85 per Assessed Secondary Value - vs - Green Valley at $2.25 per Assessed Secondary Value. So the idea that fire coverage in Sahuarita 'costs more' is a myth. In fact, Rural Metro is cheaper than Green Valley Fire.

- A working house fire typically requires three or more Fire Engines with three to four firefighters per Fire Engine. For a total of three fire trucks (minimum) and nine to twelve firefighters.  The cost for this for someone who is not subscribed would be north of $5,850 for the first hour alone! That does not even take into consideration any EMT services if someone were in the house.  None of this is covered by homeowners' insurance.

- Insurance can increase fees or even cancel your homeowner's insurance if you don't have fire coverage. Insurance premiums can increase by as much as 75% if your insurance company finds out you do not have fire coverage.

- The average subscription cost in Rancho Sahuarita is $250.  The average subscription cost in Rancho Resort is $215.